Rev. Kevin L. Spencer is an ordained Anglican priest who has retired from the pastorate and is currently writing books and articles for Christian publications. He has just finished writing the book, Understanding Our Roots. 


His passion is to help the Church build the bridge between the Jew and the Gentile, by explaining and writing about the Covenants and how God has designed “one new man,” as explained by Paul in Ephesians 2. 


His formal education is a B.S. from the University of Colorado, a Masters of Business Administration from Harvard University, and a Masters of Divinity from Denver Seminary. 


Kevin has been married to his wife Penny for 39 years, has three daughters, three sons-in-law, and five grandchildren. He and his wife have made several trips to Israel, and both love to share their experiences and photographs of their travels. Other hobbies include reading, tennis, and teaching Bible studies.

Mama mia.jpg

Penny is the wife of Kevin, 39 years and counting!


Mother of 3 beautiful daughters, 3 wonderful son-in-laws and 5 “Grands” ~ 3 grandsons & 2 just arrived granddaughters (2018) 


Life long student, especially love Women’s Bible Studies, great friendships! 


Story Teller via Photography; Unforgettable You Photography


Co-Author of Understanding Our Roots 


Other Passions include Quiet time in God’s Word in my War Room, reading, photography, travel, tennis…  



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